Innovative Ocular and Recombinant Human Collagen-Based Therapeutics for China and Global Markets

About Eluminex Biosciences

We are a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to the research and development of global innovative therapeutics with a major focus in ophthalmology and recombinant human collagen technology.  Our goal is to become a leading global healthcare company in developing the next generation of advanced ocular and collagen-based therapeutics for China and beyond.

Message from the CEO

I am pleased to report that we have recently completed a significant corporate expansion with the completion of two GMP facilities in Suzhou. These facilities are designed to produce recombinant human collagen III and collagen-based products for regenerative medicine, including biosynthetic corneas for the treatment of corneal blindness and dermal fillers for aesthetic medicine. 

$50+ M Raised in 2023

Eluminex announces that following completion of a $40 million (USD) Series B financing in February 2023, it successfully completed an additional B+ round of financing from Oriza FOFs and Suxin Venture Capital Investment. In total, Eluminex has raised more than $50 million (USD) in venture capital this year to rapidly advance multiple preclinical and clinical programs.

CLARITY Study Ongoing

CLARITY, a registrational clinical study of the EB-301 biosynthetic cornea engineered from recombinant human Type III collagen, completed clinical enrollment in Part A (N=6) of this two-part pivotal study in China. EB-301 is under development in China to address the global shortage of human donor corneal allografts in the treatment of blindness due to corneal stromal disease. 

It is estimated that in China and India alone, nearly 9 million patients need corneal transplantation. The Eluminex biosynthetic cornea is a novel, genetically engineered biosynthetic cornea using recombinant human collagen protein that is intended to address the shortage of human donor corneas in many other parts of the world including China. Using engineered human protein, the goal is improved long-term clarity without the need for immunosuppressive drugs and to provide sufficient supply of corneal tissue for worldwide demand.